These courses are meant to be used as reference materials complimenting your college lectures. These would help you to understand your subject better since these are taught by the best professors at the world’s best colleges.

The ideal way to study these courses is as below:
  • Attend your college classes regularly
  • When you are back home or in your hostel room, go through the notes that you have taken on that day.
  • View the OpenCourseWare lecture matching your topic for that day.
  • Play, pause, rewind, and repeat the lectures as many times as you want till you feel that you have understood the concept.
  • Note down your queries from the video and ask your lecturer in the next class.

These courses are not a distance-learning, credit-bearing, or degree-granting initiative. Hence there are no prerequisites to use these videos and course materials.

Courses are published on OpenCourseWare after they have been taught at the respective institute. You will find courses that were taught ten years ago but are just as relevant today, such as Classical Mechanics. But you will also find courses taught recently on timely issues like repairing the Hubble telescope.

The instructors or the institutes from which these courses have been taken do not offer users the opportunity for direct contact with the faculty. InTuition has its own empanelled subject matter experts selected by its Academic Council who respond to all subject related queries received from students.

All the video lectures are mapped to your university syllabus. Each subject is broken down to multiple sessions covering the topics of the course. For example, the 1st year Electrical Engineering course has 17 lectures identified from MIT, Stanford and Univ of California, Berkeley. This saves you an almost impossible effort and time to search and put together the most relevant lectures for your course.

The ideal way to study these courses is as below: However, these lectures are meant as your reference material to understand a subject better and compliment your class lectures. Each and every topic of a subject may not be covered. Some sections of the video may be very important and some may not be relevant to your class. View the lectures like you would use a reference book in the library where some chapters are very relevant and others may not be useful for your present semester.

You have a great opportunity to see how lectures are delivered at the finest colleges in the world and how you might teach a similar topic. You can improve your delivery method and benchmark with the best professors.

You can use sections of the videos in your classroom to explain complicated concepts easily. Use the videos to deliver specific topics, and clarify doubts of students as you replay and pause repeatedly, in a case study approach. You will find higher students’ attention in class and significant improvement in their grades.

Enrich your classroom through the power of video. Videos help spark conversations, make theoretical concepts come alive, and tap into the minds of visual learners.

Your own credibility as a lecturer will grow as you adopt technology enabled learning processes.

OpenCourseWare opens up knowledge across the world and allows colleges to benchmark teaching. The college is in close contact with international body of knowledge and international standards.

It assures the students that they are receiving high quality instruction and view lectures of the best professors in the world. An improved performance by students helps the college to improve its ranking and be the institute of choice of the students.

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